Open source credits

As almost any other company in the internet space, we use a lot of open source software. We would like to acknowledge the hard work of our colleagues in the world-wide community of developers that make some of the open source software that make our business possible.


Drupal is our all-purpose swiss-knife web site building tool. It makes it possible for us to worry less about web site plumbing, so we can spend our time building the powerful DNS control panel that we've always wanted.

It is built by a massive community of passionate developers. To numerous to mention individually, we would like to thank all our friends and collaborators in the Drupal community.


Node.js is our go-to tool for web service integration and fast browser interaction. It is the mayo to our Drupal sandwich. It the glue between user interface and the underlying database and webservices for our DNS control panel.

Like Drupal, the Node.js community is too large and diverse to thank individually, so we’d just like to extend our thanks to anyone involved in Node.js core development, as well as the authors and contributors to the many modules we use in our daily work.


PostgreSQL is the most advanced and powerful open source database system out there. We love its robust flexibility, and we can think of no better place to store data we need to keep and access in a flexible matter.


Redis is in many ways the anti-database. We use it as a memory-based key-value store, for data that is transient and mostly unstructured. Concretely, it serves as a cache backend for Drupal and session storage.

It is fast, reliable and powerful. A true gem if you want a performant site.

Ubuntu Linux

Ubuntu just by itself is a massive undertaking, involving thousands of people. And that’s not considering the massive shoulders Ubuntu is standing on. The Linux kernel itself, Debian, the list is endless.

The Linux/BSD software space is simply too immense in size and scope, an achivment beyond comprehension, for us to even begin to enumerate all the utilities and packages we use. But we are grateful none the less. Thanks to the *nix space.