Building the tools we’ve always wanted

Our goal at Ablis is to build the best domain name and DNS management system north of Cape Horn.

Our first goal is to make life easier for those, like ourselves, that need to manage more than a dozen domain names. Our primary goals are to:

Save you time

Less time spent clicking around in complex graphical interfaces means more time you can spend being awesome for your clients, coworkers or loved ones.

Make you more confident

With many computer-based systems, it can be hard to get an overview of everything, and harder still to be confident that everything is as it should be.

We are working on creative new interfaces and methods for managing your DNS service and domain names, that will make it easier to get an overview of the configuration, even for hundreds of domains, and streamline the process of making changes to many domains as one, so you can rest assured that you didn’t miss something important.

Build a platform

Ever found yourself wishing that your DNS service had an API, so you could automate changes? We plan to make this, and many similar things possible.

Our plans for API and platform are not completely fleshed out yet, but we will publish more about it in the coming months. We would also love to hear from any interested developers on their wishes for DNS and domain name management APIs.